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Ianardo's BBW Art Gallery

Welcome to

Ianardo's BBW Art Gallery

where beauty comes in many shapes and sizes,
featuring portrait artwork by British artist
Ian Strange (A.K.A. "Ianardo").

R.I.P. "Elise", 1974-2018.

This is an exhibition of my portraits, done in the tradition of hand-drawn fine-artwork, with plus-size female beauty and fashion as the themes.

This website advertises my portrait services, but also promotes the concept that larger women are beautiful and should be treated with respect.


Main Exhibit Hall
Most of the fashions in these portraits were dreamed up by the artist.

AmazonAmanda Amazon Princess AmazonRaven
Angel Anna Anna4370 Arianne Ashley BABS Big And Beautiful Becky Belinda Blythe Bronwen Bunny Glamazon BuxomDream CandieCaine Cat Celina Cher and Lisa Chia Cindy Cindy Claire Unknown from Capital Chapter of NAAFA Dawn Perignon Dawn Dawn Debbie Denise Dom Eileen Elise Elizabeth EmpressJo Frannie Unknown from Full Figure Dance in Florida Happy Peach Isis Jennifer Jimmie Joyce Karen Katie Katja Kim KittyGirl KountryGirl Lea Gilmore Linda Maureen Mhariah Monique MSXXL Mystari MysteryGirl Opal PamelaTx Rosemarie Rosi SassyChoc Selene Sharon Sharon SoVerySoft Suzanne TaurusVixn Tracy Unknown BBW from Big As Texas Unknown BBW



Ianardo's Hall 2 features quick sketches of British BBWs who have caught the artist's eye over the years.

Hall 2


EXHIBIT HALL 3 (Celebrity BBWs)

Ianardo's Hall 3 features celebrity BBWs of film and television.

Hall 3


EXHIBIT HALL 4 (the Lingerie Boudoir)

Ianardo's Hall 4 features tasteful portraits of BBWs in lingerie.

Hall 4



Ianardo's Hall 5 features imaginary BBWs.

Hall 5


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