This young lady attended the same school as the artist, Beauchamp College, from 1980 to 1982, in the same academic year, but sadly, not in the same class. She is the first cuddly lady that the artist recalls being attracted to - but was too shy to talk to her (I think she was very shy too). Our paths crossed during school exams in the spring of 1982.

Note her very distinctive pale grey eyes. I don't think these sketches really do her justice. Eager to spot her (and try to catch her eye), I used to take a long detour to one of my weekly classes, because I knew where she would be queuing for her next class!

For our final days at school, the rules on uniform were relaxed, and she arrived in an attractive pink knitted sweater.

We almost bumped into each other the following year in a local newsagents. I was browsing cards and she came alongside me and browsed too - which I hoped was a sign that she wanted to talk. I've been kicking myself for years afterwards for being too shy to take up that opportunity! I feel like I owe her an apology for not getting to chat with her, especially since she came across as a lovely person. I also owe her a "thank you" because she unwittingly helped me through those 2 years at school - without ever actually meeting each other! That is because those 2 years were pretty depressing (I was in a very disruptive class, in fact, the worst class I've ever been in), but it always cheered me up to get a bit of eye-candy.

Where is she now, I wonder? I hope she is well and happy. I've since written my school memoirs, which (needless to say) includes this lady. If anyone knows who she is, then please do let me know (e-mail the artist). It would be heart-warming to share those memoirs with her.

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