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Ianardo's BBW Art Gallery

Ianardo's Exhibit Hall Number 2

The sketches in this section are all of British BBWs that have caught the artist's eye over the years. These portraits are the artist's tribute to the beauty of plus sized ladies, regardless of colour, race, age or taste in style. Their very existence makes the world a happier place :-)

Note that these are quick sketches and not necessarily accurate likenesses.

There are other exhibit halls within this gallery (all devoted to Big Beautiful Women):

Ianardo's Main Hall
features fine-art portraits of Big Beautiful Women.

Main Hall

Ianardo's Hall 3
features celebrity BBWs of film and television.

Hall 3

Ianardo's Hall 4
features tasteful portraits of BBWs in lingerie.

Hall 4

Ianardo's Hall 5
features imaginary BBWs.

Hall 5



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