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Ianardo's BBW Art Gallery

Ianardo's Exhibit Hall 4

Portraits of big beautiful women in lingerie. Sensual, alluring, but tasteful,
proving that larger ladies have great visual appeal.

If you are not sure if these portraits satisfy good taste, then please read the short article further down this page.

Aaronica Anna Dream Jenny Hill Katrina LadyHaque Lara Mistress Monique QueenRaqui Samantha Slopes Selene Shyly Sugar Tawnee

Good taste versus... not such good taste!

Portrait customers come to me partly because my work is kept tasteful and suitable for general viewing.

Unfortunately, this is not understood by all visitors, and especially those from commercial organisations and businesses. There are 4 main issues that lead to confusion as follows:

1) It is common for those professionals (or individuals, for that matter) who quickly try to assess a website, to completely mis-understand what it is about. Sadly, when anyone jumps to a conclusion, it is usually a negative conclusion. This website has two purposes: Firstly, to advertise my services as a portrait artist. Secondly, to promote size acceptance, mostly through art.

2) The threshold between tasteful art images and 'adult' viewing, is very subjective. Therefore, my reference point is that my lingerie portraits must be no more revealing or provocative than photos in the lingerie section of general clothing catalogues.

3) This website seeks to combat prejudice against larger ladies. Ironically, it can be this prejudice that leads a few to label plus size women in lingerie artwork, as indecent, while thin women in identical poses and similar outfits would, I suspect, be accepted.

4) Art can be a powerful way to communicate the message that larger female forms can be and are beautiful. But many folk are unable to see art in art. They only see the subject-matter as though it was nothing more than a snap-shot photo. These people cannot be reached through art, and unfortunately, some of these people are given the task of assessing websites professionally.

There are other exhibit halls within this gallery (all devoted to Big Beautiful Women):

Ianardo's Main Hall
features fine-art portraits of Big Beautiful Women.

Main Hall

Ianardo's Hall 2
features British BBWs who have caught the artist's eye over the years.

Hall 2

Ianardo's Hall 3
features celebrity BBWs of film and television.

Hall 3

Ianardo's Hall 5
features imaginary BBWs.

Hall 5

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