Lee Richards

Lee Richards' portrait

I used to admire Lee Richards when she appeared on British TV in the 1980s, most often on "The Two Ronnies" comedy show. She played minor roles, with no dialogue, and no mention in the credits (at least, whenever I saw her). She was often typecast as a busty barmaid, or as a pub customer. She also appeared in a Two Ronnies sketch about martial arts, wearing a black wig. A 1979 episode of "Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em" ("King of the Road") had her cast as a model being arrested by police.

In the above drawing, Lee was joining in with a pub sing-song, again playing a barmaid, in a programme from the 1983 series of The Two Ronnies.

While it might not sound like a special acting career, I believe that Lee was a cut above most actresses who appeared purely because of their looks. Most others were very young (immature) looking, and with a vacant expression! Lee Richards looked intelligent, elegant, and mature in the true sense of the word (i.e. not old!), and usually very stylish too.

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